Creatively getting your message about your products and services into the hands of your clients. We expertly manage the process through which your clients' requests for products, literature, samples, marketing kits, and promotional materials are fulfilled.
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Test Drive:

Part of the unique value we offer our customers is the ability to build many paths to their internet offerings (whether for literature, samples, or products).

Let's say you have a promotional pen you're offering your clients when they visit a certain part of your web site. Here's how we'd handle that for you:

  • We would take the pen into our warehouse and inventory it.
  • Then we'd build you a front-end internet ordering site that would link to your site so that your customers can order the pen.
  • We would receive the orders directly into our warehouse from the internet.
  • Finally, you'd be able to retrieve all sorts of reports on all of your activities directly from your browser.

Try it out. Go to this site and order a FREE pen (and some cool bookmarks) for yourself! No obligation. You'll get to see how your ordering can be set up. (And remember, all of the internet set up for your projects is free, too!) Just click on the pen to order.

Control Center:

The Control Center is an internet "dashboard" where you, as an Administrator, can control all of your fulfillment activities. Here, you create products, offers, and kits. And you monitor your orders and inventory.

If you'd like to see how the "Control Center" works, follow the link to see how you can set up a demo online.


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