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I've always been fascinated by business and how people and organizations get things done...and why things don't get done. I also believe that our work lives are much more important as vehicles for personal, and yes, spiritual growth.


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David Allen The true master of personal and organizational productivity, David Allen surpasses all of the time management stuff that has been put out there since the days of Dale Carnegie. His method is truly about life itself...all of it!
Get David's free newsletter, Productivity Principles. It's loaded with great ideas. Read some samples.
Chris Argyris

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Argyris is the founder of Action Science, defined by one of his followers as a strategy for increasing the skills and confidence of individuals in groups to create any kind of organization (thus fostering long-term individual/group effectiveness). This strategy applies to any type of organizational or interpersonal context where individuals are engaged in doing challenging, difficult things together.
If you're really into this stuff, there's a free online course (AREOL) given by Southern Cross University where you get to interact with folks from all over the world.
Charles Coonradt "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it." If Coonradt didn't say this, he may as well have. All organizations are subject to getting results, and Coonradt believes that any organization can come up with simple key function indicators of success that can be translated into daily activities across the organization.
Robert Fritz
Simply, the best goal setting work out there. Fritz, an artist himself, always wondered why artists often could do so well in completing their own works while the rest of their lives were disasters. He distilled the principles (which he calls Structural Tension) into a set of laws that any individual or organization can easily use to accomplish goals.
Timothy Gallwey    
Michael Gerber

  Michael Gerber says that most businesses are not founded by entrepreneurs, but by technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most small businesses end up consuming those who brought them into existence because owners typically lack the ability to set up systems and procedures that ensure the business can run without them.
If you want to learn how to work on your business instead of only in it, his work is worth a serious look. He has programs, too.
We use his quotes liberally on our website.
Philip Greenspun    
Michael Hammer    
William Isaacs    
Byron Katie      
Barry Neil Kaufman      
Ken Keyes      
Barry Oshry    
Neil Rackham    
Peter Senge    
Marsha Sinetar    
Jack Stack    
Eckhart Tolle   In the spiritual dimension, no one compares to Eckhart Tolle. Somehow, he manages to explain clearly the spiritual principles that underlie all of the world's wisdom traditions. At the same time he shows you how these principles operate in your own "NOW" as you practice presence.
After you read The Power of Now, get his CD's. His voice is incredible. You can actually tell his words are coming from this place of stillness and peace.
Margaret Wheatley    
David Whyte